HD Captioning Services

With HD Closed Captioning, the captioning date is digitally encoded into the HD video file or tape format.
As with all of our closed captioning projects, with HD closed captioning, our staff performs a 27-point quality-control check on every program upon arrival to ensure your program is deemed airable by broadcast standards before captioning. If there is a problem, we let you know right away so your program will meet traffic deadlines and broadcast specifications.
We can close caption HD video in formats for all major broadcasters. In addition to closed captioning, we can digitally distribute your program to one or many stations or networks.
The HD Captioning Process:
1. You send New Day Captioning your digital HD master file
2. We transcribe and close caption the video
3. If necessary we transcode the video file into the appropriate format for delivery
4. We encode the closed captioning data into the final delivery file
5. We deliver the final file digitally via FTP or a hard drive
We can also provide closed captioning files that can be used in edit systems such as Adobe Premiere, Avid, or Final Cut Pro  to export closed captioned HD tapes.
We can accept video files for closed captioning in the following formats:
Apple ProRes
Quicktime H.264
Many other HD or SD formats can also be acceptable, just contact us to discus your specific project.
With 47 combined years of television captioning know-how and expertise, we know that you will be pleased with the on-time quality services you experience with New Day Captioning.
Call us at 918-250-4588 ext. 119 or email us at: captioning@newdaymedia.com to find out more!

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