Tape Captioning Services

Tape process. New Day Captioning can caption your program in nearly every popular tape format including:

Tape Captioning

Quality Control

Our staff performs a 27-point quality-control check on every tape upon arrival to ensure your program is deemed airable by broadcast standards before captioning. If there is a problem, we let you know right away so your program will meet traffic deadlines.

New Day Captioning has an outstanding record for on-time delivery. We have delivered over 6,000 programs on tape format without a single issue or complaint from a station.

Tape Captioning Process

  1. You provide finalized master tape.
  2. You provide mp3 of program audio.
  3. You provide address of shipping destinations.

Your part is done! We take it from there.

New Day Captioning:

  1. We create verbatim transcript.
  2. We perform 27-point quality-control check.
  3. We create captioning file.
  4. We create a captioning master in requested tape format.
  5. We perform a final quality-control check.
  6. We ship master tapes to you or to distribute to stations as requested.

With 47 combined years of television captioning know-how and expertise, we know that you will be pleased with the on-time quality services you experience with New Day Captioning.



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