Tapeless Captioning Services

Tapeless Captioning is the digital method of providing captioning for a non-linear editing system.
Captioining Key Board
Prior to tapeless captioning a client would be required to output their project or program to tape then send it to the “caption house”.  The caption house would then transcribe the audio to create text captioning for the program. The text was laid onto the video to make a “Caption Master” which could be dubbed onto a new tape and sent to the television station(s). 
Before the Tapeless Process, it took these additional costs:
Shipping (to and from)
Multiple Tape Costs
Missed Airtimes 
Using the Tapeless Process:
1. You tell us what Edit System you are using (Final Cut, Avid, Adobe Premiere, etc.)
2. You then tell us what Video Card you use. (AJA, AJA Kona, Blackmagic, etc)
3. You Send via Upload a 320 x 240 .AVI or .MOV video to our FTP. (No Shipping Costs!!!)
4. You Send via Upload an Mp3 of the 320 x 240 video file, to our FTP.
New Day Captioning then:
5. Transcribes the Mp3 Audio you provided of the project.
6. Close captions the 320 x 240 Video .AVI / .MOV Project (encoding, synchronizing and placing text on your video file.
7. We create a “Black Movie File” with the captioning inside of it for your editor to lay into your edit system.
You then:  
8. Add the “Black Movie File” CC video file to their project in their non-linear editing system and lay the program to tape with closed captions!
9. You output to tape and send to the Television station(s).
Using the Tapeless Method, you get the following:
• No Additional Shipping Costs! (You ship to the Station(s)
• No Additional Tape Costs! (You use your own Tape)
• More Editing Control (You can work on the pretty stuff)
• We do the “UnSexy” Production of Closed Captioning

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